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I do not have all the data…

From: William

Date: June 5, 2005 11:12:36 PM PDT

I had been all ready to write a very long email
response covering many issues and sub-issues
when I realized that I did not have all the data in
front of me with which to refer.  Rather than make
you wait and wait for my highly treasured and
sought after opinions I thought I might hasten
things along by first getting the data straight.

Perhaps I could endeavor to lay the foundations
of my comments without having access to said
data however I then implore you to take me at
my word with slight skepticism if any as any
perception of weakness in that foundation is
purely due entirely to the aforementioned
sparseness of data, and such perceptions,
being the illusions that they are, should be
discounted as aberrations and instead all
my words should be taken as truth in good
faith, not the benefit of the doubt I ask of thee,
but rather the benefit of though not a blind faith,
perhaps a faith in what is seen in only shadowy
illumination. That said let me continue in my typically
gregarious, but less unfortunately atypically numerically
challenged response.



E Pluribus Unum