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Hey, I wanted to clarify about Sunday….
All times in the next text are PST.

After midnight today I will go to sleep.
I would get up probably around 0900.
At 1000 I will be at the bus stop and
take a bus to my tutoring gig.
I will tutor from 1145 to 1600.
At around 1600 I will take a bus from
the house of the tutor to that of Aaron.
At around 1800  I will arrive at the house
of Aaron and DM Lisa, Aaron, and others -
until about 2200.

Now I won’t be able to access communication
media like gmail or phones or the internet when
on the bus or tutoring and maybe not while I am

So in Indiana time:
0400 - 1200 asleep
1200 - 1300 awake
1300 - 1500 on bus
1500 - 1900 tutoring
1900 - 2100 on bus
2100 - 0100 DMing

So I guess I could
have the skype on
before I go to sleep
so that you could
call and ask me
questions before
1200 Indiana time.

I might be able to check
email between 1300 and
2100 somehow but we
should not count in it.

I do not think I should try
and cancel my tutoring so
that I could be standing by
to communicate with you.

more later,


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